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Des Moines Area Community Transportation Institute

Welcome to the DMACC Transportation Institute - Truck Driver Training

America depends on the trucking industry to transport nearly everything a

person uses on a daily basis. However, there is a shortage of professional

truck drivers.

The Transportation Institute Commercial Vehicle Operator Training Program is

recognized as being one of the premier truck driver training programs in

Iowa and the United States. The program is certified by the Professional

Truck Driver's Institute.

We also offer:

Low cost truck driver training programs.

Day or evening truck driving classes.

Financial aid to qualified students.

Extensive behind-the-wheel experience.

Recruiting representatives from several trucking companies, local and over

the road, visit with students and offer pre-hire applications.

Daytime truck driving classes start every 3 weeks. Evening classes start

every 6 weeks. Do you have the DRIVE to start a new career. If you're

interested in signing up for truck driver training or want more information

about the DMACC Transportation Institute * Please Use The Request For Info Form On The Right Of  The Screen To Receive Free Info From This School.