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Future Truckers of America

Future Truckers of America is a professional tractor trailer driver training school committed to the highest quality training by instructors with many years of over-the-road experience. FTA is one of the few schools to teach Progressive Shifting from the time students enter the vehicle. All trainees drive in at least two states, North Carolina and Virginia, through cities such as Roanoke, Richmond, Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston Salem, Wilmington and Charlotte. Whether mountainous terrain or multi-lane city driving, students deal with real life conditions required for over-the-road tractor trailer driving.

Truck Driver Training at FTA is 180 hours.

50 hours in the classroom
50 hours in the field
60 hours in the tractor
(20 hours behind the wheel/3 hours night driving) 20 hours left to the discretion of the head-instructor
Flexible Schedule: 20 days - 4 weeks full time or 10 weekends

Tuition covers books, materials required for training, and the use of all FTA facilities and equipment.

Not included:
Physical exams, permit fee while in tra ining, and appropriate state licensing fees upon graduation.

Grading System:
Grading is both fair and realistic and offers a meaningful transcript to share with prospective employers.

Graduates Awards:
Each graduate is awarded Graduation Certification from Future Truckers of America.

Graduates age 21 or older receive DOT certification required to drive a tractor trailer in interstate commerce. Under certain conditions, FTA can issue documentation for North Carolina "Class A" License.

Students from other states receive assistance to meet all requirements for proper class licensing in his/her home state. Special conditions apply to persons age 18 - 21.

Job Placement Assistance:
Successful graduates receive immediate help in obtaining a driving job.

Employers Want To Know:
Current training ~ How you did. Past employment history ~ How you've done in previous employment. Driving records ~ A clean dirving record is a "must".