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Once you complete trucking school, it is time to start your new career as a professional driver. We have a sister site that contains a variety of job postings from all 50 states. Many of these listings hire drivers fresh out of school.

Many new drivers start their careers as OTR drivers, driving the continental 48 states and sometimes Canada. Working as an OTR driver provides a variety of benefits for new drivers - you can earn experience by traveling a variety of routes in a variety of weather conditions. You can also get to know many different parts of the country as you deliver loads.

Once some drivers gain experience as an OTR driver, many choose to move into regional or local routes that offer more time at home with their families. Some also choose to move into a specialty career such as a car hauling, tanker driving, or hazmat load hauling. Whatever your particular preference, it is important to keep an open mind when you are learning the ropes in your first job as a professional driver.

When applying for jobs it is helpful to understand the hiring requirements of certain trucking companies. Some require a set amount of experience, while others may limit the number of accidents and/or tickets that drivers have on their record. These requirements often come from the insurance companies that provide coverage for the companies, and not the companies themselves. If you find you don’t meet the qualifications of a company you really want to drive for, see what those qualifications are, then work at meeting those.

It is also important to understand your background and what is on your record prior to applying for your first job. You can order a copy of your DMV report and Credit Histories to know what employers see when you are applying for a job.

Beyond anything, it is important to work for a company you like, and to maintain a safe driving history. Drivers with a few years of experience and a clean driving record are eligible to work for most companies if the hold the proper license and endorsements.

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