Working With Dispatchers

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Dispatchers are an invaluable part of the trucking industry. Without these men and women the entire industry would come to a grinding halt. Truckers depend on dispatchers for instructions, directions, warnings about traffic and weather, and even getting them home on a regular basis.


Dispatchers have many duties and serve many functions. The dispatcherís primary job is to get the trucker and his load from Point A to Point B and anywhere in between. They track the driverís progress noting any obstacles or difficulties along the way. Dispatchers also keep records of the driverís performance such as punctuality and items recorded in the driverís log books.

In some companies dispatchers are also responsible for directing the driver to their loads and where the drops off points are for those loads. They will keep track of how many miles you travel, how quickly you make it to the drop off points, and how many loads you can handle in any given week.

The dispatcher will work closely with the drivers they are responsible for. A dispatcher might have anywhere from a couple of drivers up to 30 or as many as that individual can handle. Dispatchers fall under two categories the regional or the assigned.

Dispatch Systems

An assigned dispatcher is tasked to specific drivers. These drivers are only handled by the dispatcher assigned no matter where in the country they drive. A regional dispatcher handles a specific region or area that the trucking company covers. A load in Florida will mean a different dispatcher than a load in Oregon.

Many drivers will prefer an assigned dispatcher over a regional one. Drivers are able to create a certain rapport with an assigned dispatcher since they primarily deal with the same person day in and day out. A good relationship between driver and dispatcher is important for both parties.

Many dispatchers are former drivers which allow them with a unique understanding of what it is like on the road. A good dispatcher understands that sometimes traffic is bad and expecting a load to make it across a metropolitan area at break neck speed is not always going to happen. They will try to get the driver home for the weekend or for that special occasion but even dispatchers cannot do miracles.

Dispatchers are a rare breed capable of handling an amazing amount of stress and tasks with a certain degree of patience and understanding. Capable of getting drivers to their next location while warning about that storm coming up the freeway dispatchers are a much needed part of the trucking industry.

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