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In today’s market many people - men and women - are turning to new and challenging careers and reinventing themselves as truck drivers. Truck driving with all of its competitive benefits, has come to the forefront, attracting people from all walks of life including doctors, college graduates, salesperson, bankers and police officers. In addition, it is a reliable career offering flexibility, job diversity, and job security.

Trucking companies are reporting a deficiency in drivers to meet the increase in freight volumes demand, resulting in many openings needing to be filled. The trucking companies are seeking qualified applicants to occupy these positions. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, drivers earn between $11.63 and $27.07 per hour. Truck driving can be thought of as one of the most recession-proof industries that anyone could get into at the present. As long as there is a need for supply and demand and roads to travel on, goods will have to be shipped across the country to different places, denoting that truck drivers will forever be needed and will be the first to recover after an economic downward spiral. Other jobs may be in jeopardy and struggling, but there are plenty of jobs available in the truck driving industry.

In the coming years the hiring practice will have to be increased to meet the demands according to the Bureau of Statistic; therefore, as the economy recovers, the trucking industry will continue to flourish. As manufacturing, production, and new orders increase, so will the need for more drivers. The trucking industry may have taken some bruises and bumps in the downturn, but if there is any doubt as to how it is doing, measure its success by the number of big rigs that are seen daily on the highway.

Truck Driving Schools can help you prepare and train for this exciting new career in a matter of a few months.

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