What to Ask Potential Employers

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Once you finish your CDL training program, you will begin looking at companies to work for.  All trucking companies are different, and choosing the right one for long-term success is important. 

Here are the most important questions to ask prospective employers or recruiters you are working with:

  1. What is the base pay? What is my pay during orientation and/or training?
  2. What raises can I expect over time?
  3. What are the average number of miles I can expect?  What are the high and low ranges of miles?
  4. How often can I expect to get home?
  5. How do I request home time?
  6. What type of freight to you regularly haul?
  7. What are the benefits, what are the costs to me, and when do they become effective?
  8. What does the orientation/training process consist of?  How long does it last?

This is just a starting point for questions to ask a potential trucking company.  You may also have specific needs that are important to you, so be sure to ask your questions.

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