Types of Truck Driving Schools

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There are three distinct types of Truck Driving Schools. They are private truck driving schools, public truck driving schools, and the third is a trucking company owned and operated program.

Private truck driving schools are owned by corporations (both large and small). They provide training for new drivers, and help potential drivers earn their CDL License. Private schools are often known for high training standards and provide in-depth training in a relatively short period of time. Many private trucking schools also offer some form of financing and/or tuition assistance to help drivers get started. It is also not uncommon to have a strong placement service at private trucking schools to help you find a job.

Private trucking schools also often have accreditations to make sure they meet minimal standards of training. This ensures a quality and thorough education from these institutions.

Public Truck Driving Schools are funded by local or state governments to provide truck driving training. The most common examples of these schools include community colleges or vocational schools. Publicly funded trucking schools offer quality education at a reasonable price. Most community college trucking programs, however, take longer to complete than privately run or trucking company based trucking schools.

Trucking Company Truck Driving Schools are owned and operated by a specific trucking company to provide training to their drivers. Company run schools focus on both driving skills and skills specific to working for that particular company. In addition, many companies will sponsor your training so long as you work for them for a set period of time upon graduation. Other companies will allow you to pay back to cost of your tuition through weekly payroll deductions. Another benefit to this type of schools is that you’re literally guaranteed a job upon graduation, making the trucking job search less stressful.

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