How to Interview for a Trucking Job

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Once you complete your CDL training, the next step is interviewing for a trucking job. The truck driving school you attend will often help set up interviews, but it is up to you to earn the position through a great interview.

What Do Trucking Companies Look For?

In order to ace a trucking interview, it's important to be fully prepared with a summary of past experience and extraneous responsibilities and duties for each previous trucking job. In addition to cdl licensing, any additional cdl supplemental training courses completed should be introduced to the interview process. Be aware that the reputation of the former trucking employers is as important as prior trucking experience. The interviewing company may contact former employers for references and are fully aware of their competitors. If prior bonding or special certifications apply, these should be presented to the future employer. These issues comprise some of the things trucking companies look for in potential employees. Obviously, a good to excellent driver and safety record is a definite asset.

The Day Of The Interview

In the less formal world of trucking interviews, it's important to project a calm attitude. Leave your nervous tension at home. To the interviewer, a nervous job applicant may be a nervous truck driver. Choose comfortable clothes that are neat and casual. This will help reduce stress during the interview. Make good eye contact with the interviewer for a good first impression. Allow the interviewer to direct the course of the interview. If you presented a resume prior to the interview, in all likelihood questions the interviewer poses will be based upon resume content. Be prepared to expand upon resume content as well as any documentation or commendations regarding cdl training or additional trucking-related certifications. Don't forget documents relating to special safe driving awards.

Interviewing For A Trucking Job

The most important part of the interview for a trucking job is communicating experience with driving various types of rigs, knowledge of trucking routes, over-the-road jobs and time management and expediency. These elements are the nuts and bolts of a trucking interview. Problem solving skills is another factor of a trucking interview. Difficulties may arise while driving related to mechanical vehicle failures or repairs as well as actual pick up or drop logistics problems. Trucking companies want to know their drivers can handle problems and resolve them quickly and without creating cancellations of shipments or deliveries.

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