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These days the trucking industry is highly regulated. In order to apply for most truck driving jobs, most large trucking companies will look at a driver's employment history and driving history to check for accidents, traffic violations or other issues that might make hiring such a driver a risk. A company called HireRight collects all this information and presents it in what is known as a DAC report. This report is available to truck drivers who wish to check what information has been collected and verify its accuracy. This is recommended for drivers who often apply for multiple truck driving jobs. It is important to correct any inaccuracies as soon as possible.

Most trucking companies share information about truckers with other trucking companies in an effort to keep the industry as safe as possible. A DAC report contains the following information:

Number of accidents
Reasons for quitting a previous job/reasons for being fired from a previous job
Type of driving experience
Eligibility for rehire
Commodities hauled
Types of trailers pulled/weight pulled, etc.

The request for a DAC is submitted online, but the report itself is not available digitally. It will be sent via mail and arrive in approximately 10-15 days from the date of the initial request. In order to receive a free DAC report, drivers must provide the following information:

Social Security number
Driver's license number
Phone contact information

DAC reports are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Those actively working in the trucking industry are entitled to a free report once a year. Information on a DAC report should be checked once the report is received. Any inaccuracies can be reported online at or a trucker may hire a company specializing in helping to correct such reports. There are some precautions those working in the trucking industry can take to avoid a less than satisfactory DAC report.

Orientations/drug tests

Even companies where you just went to orientation or submitted to the qualifying drug test can submit a DAC on you. It is best not to go through with initial orientation unless you are sure you want the job to avoid potential negative comments on your DAC.

Discharges/leaving a company

Try to give at least two weeks notice when leaving a company if possible. Leaving a company quickly with little or no notice will make a company hesitant to hire somebody. Dependability is a big part of what is taken into consideration in the truck driving industry.


Accidents are reported, and a high number can lead to an unsatisfactory DAC report. As few as two incidents on a DAC may send up red flags to insurance carriers and potential employers or result in termination from your current job.

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