Truck Driving Schools Admission Requirements

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Truck Driving Schools set admissions requirements that ensure you will meet minimum criteria to work as a truck driver. Typically, the requirements are the same as the Class A CDL guidelines established by the federal government. Make sure you meet these minimum requirements when looking to enroll in a truck driving school.

Age Truck drivers who drive over state lines must be 21 years of age to hold a valid Class A CDL License. This requirement is often lower within particular states, but drivers under the age of 21 are limited to driving within state borders. Many truck driving schools will not accept students under 21 years of age. Some trucking companies also can not hire drivers under the age of 21 due to insurance requirements.

Health All truck drivers are required to take a physical on a regular basis and pass a drug screening. The medical exam must conform to DOT standards, and documented on the appropriate paperwork. This certification must be always carried with the driver. Most schools will require this exam for admittance into their training programs.

Driving Record Violations involving reckless driving, drugs, alcohol, or excessive speeding may disqualify you from working as a truck driver. Most schools will screen for these issues before enrollment. Your record should be clean, and free of major violations. A few minor speeding tickets here and there is acceptable.

Education While there are no specific minimal requirements of education, most drivers have, at minimum, a high school diploma or GED. Drivers are also required by law to speak and understand the English language sufficiently enough to communicate with others.

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