Truck Driving School Facilities

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TSImage78465784There is some specific equipment and training facilities that you may see while attending Truck Driving Schools.  The specific equipment used should conform to basic standards and offer you’re the opportunity to become fully comfortable with driving a tractor trailer combination vehicle.


The training facilities at most driving schools offer classrooms for lecture-based instruction, driving ranges to practice shifting and maneuvering the truck, and simulated dock areas to practice backing up.  Some schools also have dorm facilities, kitchens, and libraries of books and videos for practice.


Most truck driving schools use recent late model trucks to let you gain experience on the type of trucks that you will be driving.  Most trucking companies replace their equipment on a regular basis, so it is important to learn on the type of equipment you will be driving.  The equipment should also be well maintained and in good repair.

Truck Simulators:

Many truck driving schools use simulators to help train new drivers quickly and accurately.  Simulators come in two different varieties: Driving and Shifting.

Driving simulators accurately simulate what it s like to drive in a commercial vehicle.  Student sit in a seat, surrounded by similar controls to those found in a real truck.  A video screen displays various road and weather conditions as the student maneuvers the simulator through the on-screen display.

Shifting simulators help get students used to shifting the transmissions found in today’s large trucks.  These simulators consist of a clutch and stick shift, and operate similar to the systems found in trucks.  The advantage is that students may practice for long periods without the wear and tear that improper shifting will cause.

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