Ways to Stay Healthy On The Road

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Many new drivers are concerned with staying in good health while driving over the road.  Staying in good health allows drivers to not only earn more money, but to enjoy a healthier and longer career in professional driving.


As convenient as it may be, truck rest stops and fast food establishments should not be the primary source of nutrition for the trucker. While, at times, using these business as sources of food is unavoidable, as many steps as possible should be taken to prevent the need to rely on such establishments.

One recommendation would be to carry food inside the truck for long distance trips. A cooler with enough ice packs to keep healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables cool and prevent spoiling can be kept in the cab. Non perishable food items such as canned tuna and healthy granola bars can be kept on hand to provide the nutrition needed to operate a truck and stay focused.


One of the most difficult activities to perform when on a long distance trip is exercise. It is important to realize that some form of physical activity is better than no physical activity at all. Sitting behind the steering wheel of a big rig for hours on end can cause dangerous blood clots to form and break free, possibly causing a heart attack or stroke.

One of the best ways to avoid that from happening is to take short walks every few hours to maintain blood flow and to prevent blood from pulling in the lower extremities. Additionally, physical activities such as walking and calisthenics can strengthen the heart and lungs, reduce body fat and increase energy. These simple activities can be done on the road and require no equipment or special conditions.

Alcohol and Tobacco Avoidance

The toxicity associated with tobacco and alcohol use can be extremely detrimental to maintaining good health, especially for the long distance trucker. Lung and heart function is reduced by cigarette smoking and fatigue, liver damage and altered state of mind can occur with excessive alcohol consumption. The trucker that is interested in maintaining long term health and stamina on the road would be well advised to avoid alcohol and tobacco products.

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