Time Off For Truck Drivers

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Taking time off in driving a truck so something that has to be done with care and consideration. Truckers are not paid in the same way that most workers are paid, and that means that the way time off is taken is different. Typically, OTR drivers are not paid a set salary. 

The first thing everyone must know is how most truck drivers are paid. They get by the mile that they drive. Every mile comes at a rate in their paycheck, and that means that every mile that is not driven is a mile that is not getting paid. There are times when illnesses and injuries can start to really cut into a paycheck. If you do receive vacation or holiday pay, the rate is often based on your average earnings.  When considering a new trucking job, make sure to always understand the time off and vacation schedules that your employer may provide. 

As nice as it sounds to be an independent driver with their own rig who sets their own schedule, there is no way for an independent driver to get paid time off. If you plan on being your own own operator, make sure you financially plan for time off that you may need.

Staying with one company for an extended period will help you to build up vacation time and/or sick leave.  This will help you to maintian steady paychecks throughout the year.  Most businesses offer these benefits on a sliding scale. This means that you accrue the paid time off for every mile that you drive. You will be able to plan to take time off or take a day off her and there and not worry about losing pay.

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