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Truck driving can be an appealing career choice for someone who likes to drive and see different types of scenery on a regular basis. Itís not the ideal profession for every individual and requires adequate training and preparation to be successful in the field. To be successful in the field you need to love your job and enjoy what you do from day to day.

First understand that trucking isnít for everyone and it changes your entire lifestyle. Youíll be on the road a lot and away from friends and family members for days or weeks at a time if youíre doing long-haul. Make sure you accept this before enrolling in truck driving school.

Keep a positive attitude before, during and after training to show your trainer that youíre enthusiastic about the field and want to take the career path seriously. Be ready and willing to learn because trucking doesnít just involve driving a big 18-wheeler down the highway.

You also need to know legal issues, rules and regulations and information about maintenance. The 150 hours of truck driving school you must complete to get your CDL will cover this material along with actual practice driving. Other aspects such as personality and aptitude tests are also taken into account when training for your CDL to take on trucking as a career.

Focus on breaking any bad habits that youíve already picked up or established before making a serious attempt for your CDL. This is even more important if you already know a friend or family member in the field who is showing you or giving you hints, tips and tricks to excel. Some of these may be useful, but itís always better to listen to your instructor completely to follow the rules, regulations and procedures that are required to obtain and keep your CDL. Keep in mind that the instructor decides your grades and whether to pass or fail you.

Always be willing to learn new information and accept that change is inevitable. Sometimes the rules and regulations will change or something needs to be done different to get completed properly. Remember that when youíre on the road you will most likely be on your own and have to rely on yourself for nearly everything. This isnít saying that you shouldnít make friends or expand your social and professional network, but know that ultimately your results boil down to the actions that you take and how well you do them.

You will always be learning in truck driving school and even after youíve been employed with one of the trucking companies available. The best teacher is experience so be open to learning new things after you get a position and listen to veterans when they offer advice to help you get comfortable in the position. You canít expect to learn everything that the job requires in a class since individual experiences will vary from one employer to another, but you do have the power to control how receptive you are to learning new things.

Being employed with one of the many different trucking companies may be the position for you as long as youíre independent, self-motivated, self-reliant, have a positive attitude and are willing to adapt to changes on a regular basis.

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