Length and Structure of Truck Driving School

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There are no federal requirements for the length of Truck Driving Schools. CDL schools generally last a few months.

It is important going into truck driving school to know the amount of training you will receive. This includes total training time and the breakdown of hours spent in the classroom versus actually driving the truck. A minimum of 30 hours spent driving is the industry standard for CDL training schools.

Ratios: The lower the student to teacher ratio, the more individualized and personal training you will receive. This is critical when practicing on a driving range or covering hands-on items like a pre-trip inspection.

The Student to Truck ratio is also important for Truck Driving Schools. The lower the ratio, the more time a student will spend driving and receiving individualized feedback from their instructors.

Most schools will require you to sign a contract for your training. This document outlines what they school will offer you, and what the school expects in terms of payments. At a minimum, it should include costs, hours of training, and location the training will be conducted at.

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