Building Your Career in Truck Driving

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Truck drivers can expect many different types of opportunities with a career in the trucking industry after their CDL training. You’ll often hear the term ‘OTR’ when talking about the types of trucking jobs that are available. OTR just means over-the-road truck driving, and it is sometimes simply called ‘long haul’ trucking. Most truck drivers that have an OTR driving position are typically on the road from a week to three weeks at a time. For most truck driving school students that have never driven a truck before and are looking to get into the trucking industry, an OTR position is the easiest way to gain some experience and begin a new career as a professional truck driver. You’ll see the country and learn the exciting ways of life on the road during your first year – and you’ll be getting paid very well to do it!

Building A Career With Over-the-Road Truck Driving

As an over-the-road driver, commonly called an OTR driver - you’ll be learning the ways of the truck driving industry and seeing new places almost every day.

For professional truck drivers, the first year in the trucking industry is often the most important. During that first year, you’ll gain experience and begin preparation for future opportunities. Once you build your OTR driving experience, you may be able to consider other routes and types of truck driving jobs, such as a local route driver, a driving trainer, or LTL truck driving opportunities.

Finally, How To Have A Successful Truck Driving Career
Choosing to become a truck driver is a smart career decision. The fact is that truck driving is one of the fastest growing and most stable careers in America today – even in turbulent times. Starting any new career can be a little stressful, so if you wondering what it takes to be successful as a truck driver, we have outlined a few things you can do to guarantee your success after truck driving school.

1) Having The Right Attitude
Every career has its challenges. Having a good attitude can help you stay positive and not overreact at the little things. Doing this will make you a more professional, safety conscious truck driver. The right attitude can help you earn more money by driving more miles and get more enjoyment from your career in truck driving. The truck driving schools in the Top Trucking Schools directory go the extra mile to help you succeed. These schools understand that being a truck driving is new to you and they will work with you and offer their support as you begin a new career.

2) Adjusting To Having a Life On The Road
Making the adjustment to the trucking lifestyle is the second tip to a successful career. Life on the road is very exciting for most recent truck driving school graduates. You’ll be traveling around the country and will always be seeing new places. Every day will be a new adventure. The demands of being a truck driver are different from a traditional 9 to 5 job. During your first year out of truck driving school, you’ll be learning to balance the demands of your new career with the demands of your everyday life. And your trucking company’s experience with new drivers can help make the transition much smoother.

3) Stick With It and Keep At It
As with any job opportunity, there will always be challenges to overcome after you finish truck driving school. There is much benefit to stay with your company during the first 12 months of your new career. It’s very easy to think ‘the grass is greener on the other side’, but the facts and statistics tell a different story.

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