Conducting a Pre-Trip Inspection

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>TSImage78465587The pre-trip inspection is an important part of passing your CDL road test, and must be mastered for any CDL Student.

A pre-trip inspection is a systematic inspection of major parts on the truck to ensure they are in proper order.  This inspection is performed before the truck is driven on a trip.  While mechanical failures will happen, a pre-trip inspection can help to detect problems before you get on the road.

Each driver may have a slightly different method for a pre-trip inspection, but each inspection must cover certain items.  When taking your CDL road test, your examiner will want to see you name each part, and what you are checking.  For example, if you are checking the water pump, you might say I am checking the Water Pump - I am inspecting the part for leaks and any missing, damaged, or broken parts; and that it is securely mounted. 

Your CDL training school will teach you exactly what you need to know for a proper pre-trip inspection.  Make sure to pay close attention, as it is essential that you can perform a proper inspection both on the test and in your new truck driving career.

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