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shutterstock_847034While enrolled in trucking school, you will learn the vital skills of driving a commercial truck. One of the most important skills that you will need as a truck driver is the ability to backup a semi truck.  Backing skills include regular backing, blind alley backing, and backing with or without a trailer.

Classroom instruction typically covers the regulations and rules that govern driving on the road. Hands-on training gives you the experience of learning the different maneuvers associated with driving a semi truck. Many of these driving procedures include shifting, ways to execute turns and maneuvers for backing up the truck.

Of all the techniques, backing up a semi truck is considered a very important skill to master. Most accidents occur while a driver backs up a truck than in any other maneuver. You will want to master this skill during training. This can help to maintain a driver report free of accidents.

The following information provides an overview of what to do for two common techniques: the bobtail and backing up while the semi is hooked to a trailer. Bobtail Technique Bobtail refers to driving a semi without a trailer. This technique is very similar to the bobtail. The primary difference is you will have a trailer hooked to the semi truck. This requires more space to gauge the best way to back up the semi truck.

There are other backup techniques you will need to master in addition to these two important maneuvers. These include: parallel parking, offset backing, alley dock and straight back.

Parallel Parking

Similar to parallel parking for a standard vehicle, you will need to learn the technique for parking a semi truck. Typically, the test for this maneuver requires you to fit the truck into a boxed area with defined borders. Most tests require passing this maneuver on both the right and left side of the road.

Offset Backing

This maneuver requires backing into a lane without crossing the boundaries.

Alley Dock

This is another maneuver that requires staying within marked boundaries. Cones are placed in the area where you will park at a 90 degree angle. For beginners, this has proven to be a very challenging maneuver to master.

Straight Back

The straight back is considered one of the easiest maneuvers for backing up a semi truck. For this maneuver, you will need to drive forward and reverse the truck into a parking space.

In each maneuver, make sure no safety hazards exist, i.e. children or small animals. Successful completion of these back up maneuvers can pave the way for you to receive a CDL license. The truck driving industry provides a promising career where you can take advantage of many job opportunities.

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