Categories and Types of Truck Drivers

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Company Drivers and Owner Operators can both be in the following categories

  • Auto Haulers work on special trailers designed to haul cars... certain skills are required to drive auto haulers
  • Flat Bed drivers haul large, bulky items such as large steel pipes, tanks, and lumber... they must be able to balance heavy loads
  • Dry Van drivers haul the mainly non perishable items
  • Reefer drivers haul refrigerated items and frozen goods
  • Household Goods drivers haul household items; usually for people moving from one place to another
  • Regional drivers usually drive within the surrounding states and are not away from home long periods
  • OTR (Over the Road) drivers cover larger distances than regional drivers and can be away from home for a week or more.
  • Tanker drivers haul liquids such as milk in large liquid containers and they also need balancing skills to deal with the shifting weight of the liquid they are hauling

Some Truck Driving Schools offer specific training in these categories, however, most drivers use on the job training to acquire the necessary skills.

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