The Advantages of Small Trucking Companies

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In contrast to working for larger trucking companies, there are many advantages to working for a small trucking company.

The first main advantage of a smaller company is the personal relationship you will develop. Often in smaller companies there is a very tight group of management and employees. You will often speak directly with the owner may times a day. You will also have direct contacts you work with for dispatch, repairs, and payroll. This can greatly reduce the politics of your job and can often speed up results.

Another advantage of smaller companies is the opportunity to specialize. Many small companies specialize in a certain type of freight. For example, if you really like driving flatbed, it may make sense to work for a smaller company where all they offer is flatbed loads. This will quickly build up your specialized experience and get you the loads you like to drive. Many smaller companies also offer local and/or regional routes. This will get you home on a regular basis, and reduce your time on the road. If the company does not haul OTR routes, there is no chance you will be asked to be away from home for weeks at a time.

The size of the company you drive for is ultimately up to driver preference. Many drivers have made excellent careers driving for smaller carriers, and enjoy the work tremendously.

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