The Advantages of Large Trucking Companies

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The size of the trucking company that you work for will greatly impact your working experience.  There are various advantages and disadvantages in working for both large and small trucking companies.  Here are some of the main advantages of working for large truckign companies.

Larger companies offer more variety and sometimes more opportunities.  These companies will move a variety of different types of freight, and will require various driver specialties.  For example, a large company may very well offer van, reefer, and flatbed services.  This means drivers working for larger companies will have to opportunity to drive different types of freight to find what suits them best.  Some drivers prefer dry van, while others like flatbed.  In contrast, smaller companies often specialize in one type of freight, but will offer you a great deal of experience and the opportunity to specialize.

Larger companies often have more benefits and perks, but less personalization.  Larger companies have resources to provide insurance, vacation, and holiday pay.  While some smaller companies may offer these things, they may not.  However, drivers working for smaller companies often get to know the owners and develop a personal relationship which may lead to a great working environment and more opportunities down the road.  This relationship may allow the driver to select better loads and develop consistent or local routes.

Bigger trucking companies also offer large fleets of equipment and solid repair networks.  Having a large number of trailers is a benefit to the driver because there will be more drop and hook freight to take advantage of.  This means more time driving and less time loading or unloading.  Repairs are often very simple and quick when you work for a larger company.

It is easy to see there are many advantages to working at a large company. But these big trucking companies do have their disadvantages for sure.

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