Rhode Island Truck Driving Schools

Rhode Island has many truck driving careers, which can be very enticing. It may be the smallest state, but there is no shortage of career opportunities for you to look into.

Salary & Career Information

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the salary for truck driving careers in Rhode Island is $43,120. This is one of the highest salary ranges of all the states, allowing you to enjoy a higher rate of pay to start. You can also influence your salary based upon the industry you work in, the hours you work and much more.

Another thing to know about a career in trucking is that the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be no shortage of positions in the near future. According to their calculations, due to the growing number of companies and the desire to lower the cost of transportation, there will be a 21 percent growth for trucking jobs over the next 10 years.

You can control your earnings and various other aspects of your career by choosing the industry you work in. Some of the top industries within the state include general trucking, merchandising, government and food and beverage. See what each industry requires of you and what they will provide you with in return.

Starting a Truck Driving Career

Starting a truck driving career is simple because you do not need to attend a four year university, which also means you can eliminate student loan debt. All you need to access the majority of jobs offered throughout the state is a commercial driverís license.

You will be able to find flexible schedules for your lifestyle. Some of the careers allow you to travel, going up and down the east coast and beyond. Others allow you to stay close to home with local routes.

There are many careers to be had in the state and you can choose from many top employers. Once you decide to settle down in the state, you can also enjoy such things as low sales tax and a relatively low cost of living.

Laws & Regulations to be Aware Of

There are several laws and regulations to be aware of throughout Rhode Island. For example, when you wish to obtain your CDL, you will need to show the DMV several documents. This includes a birth certificate showing you are 18 or older, a valid RI driverís license as well as a medical certificate to show you are mentally and physically capable of performing the job on the road.

You can receive points for every traffic law that you are in violation of. Should you get too many points on your license, it can also lead to license suspension. Many employers will conduct a check on your driving record and points can make it hard to find employment.

Links and Resources

You can either click the school of your choice to view more information about specific local Rhode Island trucking schools or you can apply instantly.
Rhode Island CDL Requirements

Applying for a Class A driverís license in Rhode Island will mean that the applicants must be 21 years of age or older. The one exception is if the applicants are not going to take their vehicles out of the state. In this case, they can be at least 18 years of age. These drivers must have been in possession of their driverís licenses for two years, and they must not have been subject to suspensions or revocations. The third thing they will have to do is earn the medical examinerís certificate.

In order to be able to qualify for a Class A driverís license in Rhode Island, the applicants must have the following:

  • An Operatorís license

  • Proof that they are residents of the state of Rhode Island

  • Proof of their identities

  • A completed application for the CDL

  • The affidavit for the CDL history check

  • Passed the test of general knowledge

  • Passed the combination test

  • Passed the air brakes test

  • Passed the skills test

Applicants will take their written tests first. If they pass the written test, they are welcome to take the road test, and this will given to them by the Community College of Rhode Island. Upon passing the road test, they will receive a CDL permit.

On the day that Rhode Island applicants apply for their Class A driverís licenses, they will need to make sure that they take their Social Security cards and their driverís licenses issued by the state with them to the DMV. They will fill out the application at that time as well as present proof that they have passed the written test and the road test. If all has been completed, the DMV issues them a 60-day Class A license.

Various fees will apply when people are seeking their Class A driverís licenses. One is the application fee that will be $11.50. They will need to pay a fee for each test they take, and this will be equal to $10.00 for every test.

Some people will need to add an endorsement to their Class A licenses that will allow them to perform extra duties. To add these endorsements, drivers will need to take another exam for the following:

  • HazMat

  • Passenger

  • School Bus

  • Tank Vehicles

  • HazMat/Tank Vehicle

  • Double/Triple Trailers

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