Pennsylvania Truck Driving Schools
There are many things to see and do in Pennsylvania and with a truck driving career, you may be able to explore them more effectively. From Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, major cities help to propel the truck driving industry, offering you a number of opportunities to become employed as a driver.

Quick Info

  • Drivers average $41,920 per year in earnings, which is above the national average

  • Pennsylvania has aver 68,000 professional drivers

  • Some of the biggest industries are agriculture, manufacturing, and energy

Salary and Career

The BLS states annual salary for a truck driver in Pennsylvania, on average, is $41,920, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This number will fluctuate based upon experience, industry and other factors, however it is higher than the nationís average for truck driver pay.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics comments that truck driving careers are stronger right now than many other careers. The growth is 21 percent in the next 10 years. This growth can be attributed to the affordability of trucking as a form of transportation in comparison to planes and cargo ships.

Top industries in Pennsylvania to explore include general trucking, forestry, government and food manufacturing. You can explore the different industries to see what a career in each would look like.

Benefits to a Truck Driving Career

Interstate driving positions are common and this can allow you to take to the open road to see various sites and cities around the country. Interstate driving often allows for higher earnings as you drive more miles that shorter routes.

When you have more experience, you can explore more career opportunities and higher salaries. Itís possible to take on more responsibilities with some employers to increase your earnings and if you choose to own your own truck, you can even become your own boss.

Important Laws and Regulations in Pennsylvania

Some important laws and regulations exist in Pennsylvania. To get a CDL in the state, you have to be 18 or older and you will need a medical certificate and a valid PA driverís license. Then, under federal regulations, if you wish to drive interstate (across state borders), you must 21 or older.

It is critical to follow all Pennsylvania driving laws. The state law says any driver who accumulates 6 points on their license will receive a written warning and then another 6 points would result in a hearing in which a license could be suspended. Some violations that can result in points includes improper passing on a hill, failure to stop at a flashing red light and violation concerning a driverís license.

You may also need snow chains on your truck Ė particularly in the winter when the roads are snowy or icy where the vehicle could skid. Check local rules for snow chain regulations, if you donít have the proper equipment your truck will not be allowed to drive.

With many truck driving careers in Pennsylvania, you will have to explore some of the options to find one that is right for you.

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Pennsylvania CDL Requirements

In order to get a Commercial Driver's License in Pennsylvania, an applicant must make a request for a Commercial Learner's Permit and Commercial Knowledge Test Authorization. Eligibility for a permit does not require a noncommercial driverís license or permit, but the minimum age is 18.

If the applicant is a new resident to the state and does not have a noncommercial driver's license or has a driverís license that expired not more than six months, visit the new resident section on the site for specific instructions. A computer is helpful because the documents are available online as PDFs. This will cut down on unnecessary trips to a Pennsylvania Driver's License Center.

The steps below are for requesting the Commercial Learner's Permit. First, go to a Driver's License Center to start the process.

  1. Complete the DL-31CD CDL Learnerís Permit application, Self-Certification form DL-11CD, download the driver's license manual, and calculate the required fees listed on the application.

  2. If applicable, bring a valid Pennsylvania driver's license, proof of residency, and a Social Security card. The site has the complete list of acceptable documents for proof of residency and identification.

  3. Bring supporting documentation of a name change due to divorce, marriage, or court order.

  4. Bring a check made out to PennDOT for the total fee amount. The Driverís License Centers will not accept cash.

The request for a Commercial Learner's Permit changes the status of a noncommercial driver's license. An applicant can receive the Knowledge Test Authorization once the process for requesting a learner's permit is complete.

It is mandatory to pass the Knowledge Test before driving or practicing on the road. The permit is in effect for one year, and an applicant has to take and pass the Knowledge Test and road test. As an example, if an applicant takes two months to pass the Knowledge Test, then there is 10 months remaining to take and pass the road test. A permit holder passing the Knowledge Test can take the road test after 15 days.

Applicants applying for hazardous material endorsements, must complete Federal Threat Assessments and be fingerprinted at Pennsylvania State Fingerprint facilities. Additionally, a new law requires CDL drivers to comply with physical requirements and show proof of a medical examination. Information and documents are available online.

AAA School of Trucking

135 Juniata St.

AAA School of Trucking

6003 Jonestown Rd.

Carbon Area Vo-Tech School Truck Driving Program

150 W. 13th St.
Jim Thorpe,PA


580 West Broad St.

Central PA Institute

540 N. Harrison Rd.
Pleasant Gap,PA

Clearfield Votech Truck Driver Trg.

RR 1 Box 5

Don Sheetz Inc. CDL Training

439 US Route 222 Ste 15

Highway Safety Center

Indiana U of Penn.

Lancaster County Career & Tech Center

432 Old Market St.
Mount Joy,PA

Lancaster Votech Truck Driver Training

P. O. Box 537
Mount Joy,PA

Lebanon County Career School

18 East Weidman St.


1180 Zeager Rd.

MTA Lehigh Carbon Community College

4525 Education Park Dr.

MTA Reading CC Truck Driving Academy

200 Bethlehem Dr. Building C Ste 119
New Morgan,PA

Northampton Community College

P. O. Box 530
Tannersville, PA 18372

PIA Truck Driving Program of Indiana County

200 Babcock Dr.
Homer City,PA

PIA Truck Driving School

P. O. Box 18078

Pittsburgh Diesel Institute

1464 Beer School Rd.
Moon Twp,PA

Pittsburgh Diesel Institute

12330 Perry Hwy

SAGE Lebanon County Career School

18 East Weidman St.

SAGE Lehigh Career & Technical

4500 Education Park Dr.

SAGE Chester County IU

1580 Charlestown Rd.

Schuylkill Technology Center

240 Airport Rd.

Somerset County Votech Truck Driver Trg.

RR 5

Swanson Driving School

9915 Frankstown Rd.
Penn Hills,PA

Swansons Safe Way truck Driving School

9909 Frankstown Rd.

Swansons Truck Driving School

100 2nd St.
North Versailles,PA

Trans American Technical Institute

P. O. Box 321

Transport Tech

401 East Poland Ave.

Truck Technology Training, Inc.

1206 Rear Pennsylvania Ave.

Westermoreland County CC

Westermoreland C.C. Station

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