Ohio Truck Driving Schools
There are many truck driving careers in Ohio. From Dayton to Cincinnati and everywhere in between, you can find yourself driving all over the state Ė and sometimes all over the country. Many industries are out there and the only education you need is the CDL course that is available in the state. Once you obtain your license, the path to your new career is wide open.

Quick Info

  • Drivers average $39,660 per year in earnings

  • Ohio has aver 62,000 professional drivers

  • Agriculture and manufacturing are 2 of the biggest industries in the state

Salary and Career

The annual salary of a truck driver in Ohio is estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes533032.htm to be in the vicinity of $39,660. If you wish to earn more, you will need more experience and compare what the different industries and companies are paying their truck drivers.

The growth of the truck driving industry is considerable. By 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there will be 21 percent more positions across the country. This is good news for you because it can lead to more job stability and more opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Your career will vary based upon the industry you get involved in. Some of the popular trucking industries in Ohio include government, general trucking, gas and oil and food manufacturing. You will want to explore the industries to understand the pros and cons as they translate to your career.

Benefits to a Truck Driving Career

Many benefits are out there for you as a trucker. You wonít have to work in an office and deal with office politics. Instead, you get to be behind the wheel of a truck, exploring Ohio and many of the surrounding states.

Since there are so many industries, you can find a career that allows you to do what you want. With more responsibilities, such as loading and unloading cargo or handling your own route dispatches, you may be able to increase your earnings Ė which is not something thatís available in every career field.

Important Laws and Regulations in Ohio

There are some important laws and regulations to be aware of in Ohio. When you wish to obtain your CDL, you will need an Ohio driverís license, pass a vision test, obtain a medical certificate and be at least 18. You will also need to pass a driving test and written test.

You will need to abide by all Ohio driving laws. If you obtain 12 or more points on your license in a 2-year period, your license can be suspended. Keep in mind that you can earn points for speeding, failure to yield, passing without signaling and various other traffic violations.

When you want to look at the truck driving careers in Ohio, it pays to know about the opportunities out there and what employers are offering what benefits as it will lead to a more satisfying career.

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Ohio CDL Requirements

Who can Apply

Anyone driving a commercial vehicle is required to have a CDL. Anyone who is physically able, over 18 years of age, and able to pass knowledge and driving tests, can apply for a commercial driverís license. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles has a list of convictions that can disqualify an applicant.

Exemptions from commercial licensing include:

  • Farm truck on farm business

  • Fire and public safety equipment

  • Recreational vehicle

  • Military vehicles

How to Apply

A CDL applicant must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driverís license for the state of Ohio. A written test, a driving test, and an eye exam, are required. The applicant must provide a vehicle for testing that is in the same class. Applicants must be prepared to pass a general knowledge test and class specific knowledge tests.

The following documents will be needed to process an application.

  • An original social security card

  • Ohio driverís license

  • Payment

CDL Classes

The three different classes of CDL have different requirements and fees. A higher class of license automatically allows the holder to drive in the lower classes. Ohio Class A and B commercial licenses are categorized by vehicle weight. Class C licenses are issued for transporting passengers or hazardous materials. Special endorsements are necessary for bus drivers, double or triple-trailer drivers, or drive tank vehicles.

CDL Tests

Applicants must have a solid base of knowledge about driving commercial vehicles. A general health exam is required with good vision results for interstate drivers. Online study materials can be used to increase general knowledge. Truck driving schools offer courses for learning how to drive commercial vehicles.

  • General Knowledge

  • Pre-Trip Inspection

  • Vehicle Control Test

  • Driving Test


Special circumstances require special training and testing. Applicants need knowledge of the following subjects for special license endorsements.

  • Air brakes

  • Passengers

  • Hazardous materials

  • Tanker

  • Combination Vehicles

  • Double or triple-axle trailers

You need a CDL if you operate any of the following vehicles:

  • Any combination of vehicles with a combined gross vehicle weight rating of twenty-six thousand one pounds or more

  • Any single vehicle or combination of vehicles that is not a class A or class B vehicle, but that either is designed to transport sixteen or more passengers including the driver

  • Any school bus with a gross vehicle weight rating of less than twenty-six thousand one pounds that is designed to transport fewer than sixteen passengers including the driver

  • Is transporting hazardous materials for which a placard is required

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