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Montana is famous for sprawling plains and stunning backdrops. Truck driving careers in Montana will allow you to access many of these sights and earn a significant salary at the same time.

Salary & Career Outlook

An estimated salary for truck driving careers in Montana, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $38,130. This salary is only an average and you have the ability to earn more based upon the employer that you choose to go to work for and how many hours you are willing to drive each week.

Every industry has some unique quality about it. You may wish to earn a higher salary and be away from home or take a slight pay cut in order to be closer to home and have a more flexible schedule. Due to these variations, you will want to explore the pros and cons of working within each industry.

You will find that there are more and more opportunities becoming available throughout Montana as well as the rest of the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that there will be a 21 percent growth between 2010 and 2020. What this can translate to for you is that there will be more employers to choose from as well as higher earning potentials as you gain more experience.

State Laws & Regulations

The state laws and regulations of Montana are fairly simple. In order to become a commercial driver, you will need a CDL. In order to obtain your CDL you will need to be at least 18 years of age, show a valid Montana driverís license, and have a medical certificate ready to hand over to the DMV. However, you will need to be 21 to cross state lines.

Various driving laws exist and you will need to follow them to a tee. Failure to follow driving laws can result in having to pay expensive tickets, deal with points on your license, and risk CDL suspension. If your driverís license is suspended for any reason, your CDL will also be suspended.

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CDL Requirements in Montana

To qualify for a Montana CDL you must:

  • Be 21 years old, or 18 if all driving is done in state, you aren't operating double or triple trailer rigs, and you aren't transporting hazardous materials requiring placards.

  • Obtain a Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examiner's card.

  • Hold a valid Montana driver license.

Montana residents who need a Commercial Driver License (CDL) in Montana will have an extensive testing process to complete before they will receive it. If applicants are going to need to take their vehicles out of state, they will need to purchase the Type 2 certification. Those who will only be driving these types of vehicles within the state of Montana will need Type 1 certification.

The Qualifications for the Montana CDL

Qualifying for the CDL means that Montana residents need to be 21 years of age. Those who are 18 years of age may apply, but they are subject to a few restrictions. These restrictions are:

  • They must not apply for an interstate CDL

  • They must not be applying to drive a double or a triple rig

  • They must not be driving a vehicle that requires placards stating that hazardous materials are present on the vehicle


The fees people will need to pay to obtain a CDL in Montana will depend on whether or not it is for intrastate or interstate purposes; it also depends on the personís age.

The Necessary Documents

When applicants present themselves to apply for their CDLs, they will want to make sure that they take some identifying documents with them. These are their current Montana driver licenses, their Social Security cards and cash or check payments for their fees. Those who do not have the Class D driver license will need to have proof that they are legal residents of the country.

The Testing Process

The testing process begins with a written test. After studying the Montana Commercial Driver License Manual, applicants will have learned everything they need to know to pass this test. They can take the written test at any time without an appointment. After passing this test, they will take the skills test, and this test does require an appointment. During this test, they will demonstrate their knowledge of when their vehicles are unsafe to drive as well as their ability to safely maneuver the vehicle on the roads. After they take a vision test, the process will be complete.

To be eligible for a CDL, you must have a clean driving record. Federal regulations require you to pass a physical exam every two years. To operate a commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce, you must be at least 21. Many states allow those as young as 18 to drive commercial vehicles within the state. You must be able to read and speak English well enough to read road signs, prepare reports, and communicate with the public and with law enforcement.

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SAGE Truck Driving School
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