Maine Truck Driving Schools

Truck driving careers in Maine are easy to find. By being located in the northernmost part of New England, you will be able to tap into careers within the state of Maine as well as throughout many of the neighboring states.

Salary & Career Outlook

The approximate salary for truck driving careers in Maine, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $36,740. While the salary is a little lower than what you’ll find in some of the other states, you do have the ability to control how much you earn.

There are many factors that go into what you are paid as a trucker. Such things include:

• Industry

• Experience

• Hours being worked

• driving record

The more you know about each industry, the easier it will be to figure out which one is right for you. You may need special endorsements on your license or be willing to work longer hours in order to become employed within some of the higher-paying industries.

Another thing that you have going for you is the fact that the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 21% growth over the next 10 years. The trucking industry offers one of the faster growing career fields which allows you to take advantage of more career choices as well as more stability within your job.

Working as a Professional Driver

By driving in Maine, you will have many opportunities. You may decide to drive solely within Maine or you may decide to find a company where you can drive up and down the Atlantic Coast. This is all a preference based upon how close you want to stay to home.

As a truck driver, you will never have to sit in front of a computer or be confined to a cubicle. While you do have a boss and company rules, you are in the cab of your truck alone. This means that you can listen to whatever music you want as loud as you want. It also means that you typically only have to communicate with your company by way of phone, text, or email.

Getting involved with trucking companies is simple. All you need is a CDL and possibly some endorsements on your license in order to get hired. The more experience you have and the cleaner your driving record is, the easier it will be to find the higher-quality jobs.

State Laws & Regulations

Just as there are in any state, you will have laws and regulations that you need to abide by. You will need to be at least 18 to obtain a CDL, and if you wish to drive across state lines, as is common, you will need to be at least 21.

Driving in Maine means adhering to federal DOT laws. This states that you are unable to drive more than 11 hours in a row and that you are unable to drive more than 70 hours in an eight day work week.

Always be sure to compare several training options and endorsements would be the most beneficial for your personal goals. Contact licensing schools and centers to speak to instructors and ask about pricing and class enrollment, as well as funding, payment options and test fees.

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Maine CDL Requirements

Anyone who is at least 18 years old and meets a few criteria may apply for a Commercial Driver’s License in Maine. The applicant must have a valid driver’s license and no DUI convictions within the past 24 months. There may be additional restrictions on younger CDL holders, including limits on carrying passengers and hazardous materials. Interstate driving may also be restricted by age.

A Maine CDL application can be obtained online or from any office of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The completed application and fees are mailed to the Motor Vehicles Department in Augusta. Fees include a $35 testing charge, a $10 per endorsement charge, and the license fee itself. For those under 65 years, the cost is $34 for a license valid for 6 years. Applicants older than 65 pay $28 for a four year license.

The state office will mail the applicant an appointment notice showing date, time and location of testing. This appointment is just to take the written tests. The applicant needs to bring their medical certificate, proof of identity and legal residence and their current driver’s license.

The applicant will take a general knowledge test as well as separate tests for specific endorsements like air brakes or school buses. Six endorsements are offered; those for passenger and school buses require a driving test as well. A vision screening is also conducted. Any applicant who fails the vision screen will be referred to an eye specialist of the applicant’s choice for further testing or treatment.

After completing the tests, an Instruction Permit and a Skills Test Request card are issued. The permit is valid for 18 months, or 12 months for buses. The supervising driver of the student must be at least 20 years old, or 22 for school bus practice. The supervisor must also have held a corresponding class license for at least two years.

The skills request card is mailed to Augusta, and the driver will be informed of the time, date and location of the road driving test. A licensed driver must accompany the applicant. A vehicle of the appropriate class must be provided by the applicant. The test includes basic skills like backing up as well as driving on pubic roadways.

If you wish to qualify for a Hazardous Materials CDL, you must meet all the aforementioned qualifications, but you must also be at least 21 years old.

For the CDL road test portion, you will need to understand how to inspect your vehicle for safety hazards, drive in varying weather and road conditions, learn how to couple and uncouple trailers, and successfully maneuver the truck in traffic conditions.

It costs $35 to apply for a commercial CDL license in Maine. For each endorsement such as passenger transport, tank vehicles or hazardous materials that you wish to add to your CDL add another $10 to this application fee.

For more information, testing facility locations and hours for Maine CDL testing, you can visit the official page here.

Northeast Tech Institute
798 Main St.
South Portland, ME 04106

Northeast Technical Institute
51 US Route 1 Ste K
Scarborough, ME 04074

Omega Pro
242 State St.
Brewer, ME 04412

Oxford Hills Technical School
P. O. Box 313
Norway, ME 04268

136 US Rte One
Scarborough, ME 04074

Right-Way Truck Training School
52 Elm St.
Biddeford, ME 04005

Westbrook Regional Vo Tech Center
125 Stoudwater St.
Westbrook, ME 04092