Idaho Truck Driving Schools

Truck driving careers in Idaho are in abundance. Some of the industries you will find work in include agriculture, merchandising, food and beverage distributing, and others.

Salary & Career Outlook

There are many industries for truckers in Idaho. The average salary as determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is $35,430. This salary is a list on the national salary for truckers, who you can control how much you earn based upon the industry you choose, the number of hours you work per week, and how much experience you have to offer.

Many career opportunities exist currently in the Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that there will only be more opportunities in the coming years. Trucking is one of the most affordable forms of transportation and therefore companies are opting to hire truckers to move their goods from one place to another over any other option.

Before you jump into one industry, take the time to weigh the pros and cons between each of the industries. You will find a considerable variation between each industry in terms of what they pay and what they require. For example, you will notice that you will need hazmat and air brake endorsements on your license in order to become hired within the patrol and fuel industries.

Benefits of a Professional Driving Career

When you become a truck driver in Idaho, you will find more than your share of job opportunities. There are companies small and large hiring and many offer great benefit packages that include health insurance and 401(k).

State Laws & Regulations

To become a truck driver in Idaho, you must be at least 18 years of age. You have to show a valid driverís license, passive vision test, and show that you have taken a CDL training course. You will then need to pass a three-part exam which includes a driving test.

There are some weather variations in Idaho and winters can become cold and snowy. This means that you are likely going to be on the road with snow and ice and you will need to know how to prepare for that. There are snow tire laws in the state that require you to have the proper traction when there are skid risks.

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Accepts from Idaho

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Idaho CDL Requirements

To be eligible for a commercial driver's license (CDL) in the state of Idaho, you must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid Class D (non-commercial) license. You must also pass a standard physical exam so the state can determine if you are medically qualified to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle.

If you wish to test to gain an Idaho CDL license, there is a written test and then a 3-part road skills test to perform. This test generally takes 3 hours.
The standard Idaho CDL license, once awarded, is good for one year.

Those wishing to apply for a Class A commercial driverís license in Idaho will need to meet a few requirements first. They will need to be at least 18 years of age and also have a non-commercial driverís license, but they do not necessarily need to possess the actual Class D driverís license if they have passed the tests required to obtain it. They will need to have experience driving for at least one year. They will also need to comply with Part 391 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

After meeting the above requirements, drivers can go to their local driverís license offices to take the written tests. The fee for a four-year Class A license is going to be $40, and applicants will need to have this on the day of their exams. Each written test will require a $3 fee, and the skills tests will cost $70.

The first part of the examination process is the written tests, and applicants will need to take a few documents with them. These are:†

  • The applicantís driverís license

  • A valid Social Security card

  • The written test fees

After the written tests, applicants will be able to schedule an appointment to meet with a skills tester. Applicants do not need to have their own vehicles; they can rent them from the CDL skills tester in some instances. The skills test requires that applicants take another set of documents with them, and they are:

  • A document proving identity

  • Proof that they have purchased insurance

  • Proof of having passed the written tests

  • Proof of having paid the fees for the skills tests

During the test, the skills tester inspects the vehicle. Then, the applicant will be tested for his or her skills for controlling the vehicle as well as their manipulation of the vehicle on the road. After passing all tests, applicants will be presented with their Class A driverís licenses.

Some people can be disqualified from obtaining a Class A driverís license in Idaho if they have violated any of the laws applying to drivers of all classes. Furthermore, violating the rules and regulations specifically geared toward Class A drivers can result in their Class A privileges being revoked.

If you wish to gain special certifications to haul hazardous materials, pull special trailers, or to drive tank or passenger vehicles you will need one or more of these proper endorsements:

B & T Truck Driving School
503 Broadway Ave. S.
Buhl, ID 83316

B & T Truck Driving School
503 Broadway Ave. South
Buhl, ID 83316

Boise State University
505 W. Karcher Rd.
Nampa, ID 83687

Idaho Center for Professional Truck Driving
2407 Caldwell Blvd.
Nampa, ID 83651

Lewis Ayers Truck Driving Schools
2158 4th Ave. East
Twin Falls, ID 83301

Professional Truck Driving School
2019 Kimberly Rd.
Twin Falls, ID 83301

Professional Truck Driving School
1365 N. Orchard
Boise, ID 83706

Professional Truck Drivers School
1746 Addison Ave. East
Twin Falls, ID 83301

3448 N. Huetter Road
Coer d'Alene, ID 83814

80 Doud St.
Blackfoot, ID 83221

1600 Parke Avenue
Burley ID 83318

418 S. Kit Ave.
Caldwell, ID 83606

Top Gun Truck Driving Academy
21389 Hwy 30
Twin Falls, ID 83301

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