Connecticut Truck Driving Schools

A Connecticut truck driving school will give you all the practical knowledge and cdl training that OTR drivers need to set out on the open roads of the US interstate system.

Salary and Career

The estimated salary for truck driving careers in Connecticut is $41,930, as determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is a salary higher than in many other states, though you may be able to earn even more.

You will have to determine what industry suits you best. Would you like to work in the petroleum industry and drive a tanker or would you like to work in the general trucking industry and drive a standard 18-wheeler with a trailer? Explore the different industries, what kinds of endorsements you need on your license and what the pay variations are.

Truck driving careers are growing. It’s easier and easier to find careers in the trucking industry because of how many other industries are depending on truckers for transportation. Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics is acknowledging the growth – they are claiming an approximate 21 percent growth in the next ten years.

Driving in Connecticut

Driving in Connecticut has its advantages. When anyone is driving along the East Coast, they make it into Connecticut. As such, you will find many companies who are hiring truckers to drive interstate along the east coast – and many of these pay higher for having to go across state lines.

Another benefit to driving in Connecticut is that you can choose from many industries. You will find gas and oil companies, food and beverage manufacturing companies, general trucking companies and many more to choose from. This allows you to find a schedule and a salary that suits your lifestyle.

Truck driving careers in general have benefits. You can get started in your career after completing a CDL course and passing the CDL exams for your commercial driver’s license. You won’t have to deal with student loans, four-year degrees or any of the other higher education woes that others in different career fields have to worry about.

Important Laws and Regulations

You have to be at least 18 and you have to have a Connecticut driver’s license to apply for your Class A CDL. You will also have to pass a vision exam and show a medical certificate to show you are physically and mentally capable of driving a truck.

If you stop anywhere and want to rest, you cannot let your truck idle for more than three minutes at a time. You may want to consider getting an APU or a heater on your truck depending on when you’re driving if your employer doesn’t have one already in there for you.

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Connecticut CDL Requirements

In the state of Connecticut, there are no special education requirements for someone that wishes to obtain a Commercial Driver License. However, many hopeful drivers will still choose to take a course to learn how to accurately and safely drive a truck. Some companies will pay for CDL classes as a condition of employment. If you choose to attend a CDL school without the aid of a potential employer, cost will be a factor, as some CDL schools are rather expensive.

Once you are ready to test to receive a Commercial Driver License, you will need to take and pass a 30-question exam at your local Department of Motor Vehicles. To pass the exam, you will need to answer at least 24 of the questions correctly. Once you have passed your written exam, you will need to pass a road test. CDLs are awarded with several different classes, based on the weight of the truck you will be driving and what you will be transporting. You will be expected to drive a truck that qualifies in the class that you want to receive your licensing in. You can study for the CDL exams by studying the Connecticut Commercial Vehicle Operator's Manual.

Keep in mind that you must also meet federal rules in order to obtain a CDL, including physical restrictions and issues that may cause a lack of eligibility. You will not be eligible for a CDL if you already have a license in another state, are under suspension or are disqualified for alcoholic or traffic violations in any state.

Some CDL drivers will want to carry hazardous waste. To do so, you will need HAZMAT certification, which includes passing a background check and fingerprinting through the Transit Security Administration (TSA).

Keep in mind that not all jobs will require a CDL. Do your research first. You wouldn't want to spend unnecessary money on something that you don't need.

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