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Throughout the United States you can easily find a wide assortment of truck driving schools. Many of these schools differ in regards to cost, length of course, daily class length, written and practical instruction, and the types of products and services used during the instruction. While youíll never find 2 truck driving schools that are completely alike; there are some types of schools that are probably best to be avoided in most cases. Many fly-by-night companies setup CDL training centers with inexperienced instruction and hands-off training methods that leave graduates going into their CDL examination unprepared. Fully accredited and trusted schools with a long history of providing the trucking industry with qualified CDL graduates are typically the best route to go if you are serious about a rewarding career in truck driving.

Find the Right CDL School & Learn Your Stateís Requirements! is dedicated to helping drivers in all 50 states find the training they need for a successful career in the trucking industry. Thatís why we offer free resources and listings of CDL training across the nation. If you already know the importance of earning your CDL and want to know your stateís requirements for training, take the next step by selecting your state below.

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The Importance of CDL Training

Training at a qualified CDL school is your first step to beginning a career as a professional driver. These schools are state specific and teach you how to safely operate a full size Class A semi-truck. Your training will incorporate both classroom training in basic skills such as inspections, coupling, uncoupling, close quarter maneuvers, and backing the truck.

Proper CDL training can also give you drive time so you are able to pass the State road test. The instructors are professionals who have often driven over the road and understand the rigors of knowing state regulations inside and out. They can help successful students with job placement once they complete the course with a passing grade and explain to those students that have issues with their driving records what needs to be corrected before they will be able to become a truck driver.

What to Expect in Training

The training programs are fast-paced, so be prepared to learn a large amount of information in a short period of time. You will learn about safety procedures, log requirements of truck driving, mechanical operations, handling railroad crossings and intersections, driving in the city and on the highway, backing up the trailer, how to couple and uncouple the trailer, how to inspect your equipment properly, and many other skills that will come in handy when on the road.

The training program will be broken up into classroom instruction followed by actual driving time. You will probably have homework every night of your class. Depending upon the length of the program, you will learn at a very rapid pace and be in the road test driving in no time. You must successfully complete the training program and meet any hiring requirements of the training program for job placement. Training can only prepare you for what is to come.

How to Choose the Right Program

There are many types of CDL training schools out there. The trick is to choose the one that is going to work best for your needs. The first consideration is how you will pay for the training program. Some schools will offer various types of financing, so check with the individual school you choose to explore payment options. A second consideration is the location of the training program. While many schools operate in the state you live, some offer training programs nationwide.

A recommendation is to make a list of all of the training programs you are interested in and list the pros and cons of each program. You should consider where the training program or CDL training school is located. Some students can travel anywhere to go to school, while students with families may not have that luxury. You should also consider the coursework that the training program or school offers. Consider the amount of classroom time and the amount of one on one instruction time you will receive. You may also want to ask about placement rates for graduates for the school you are considering.

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Our mission is to help prepare you for success on the road. If you take the proper steps and maintain a clean driving record, you can have a great career in the industry. Companies want drivers with top-notch skills. In order to develop professional driving abilities, you should find the right training. Click your state to view schools in your area!