West Virginia Diesel Mechanic Schools
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The diesel engine is a complicated piece of machinery. Itís commonly found in buses, large trucks and various other pieces of heavy machinery. Due to electronic components, itís now being found in some various passenger vehicles as well. With the addition of electronic components, diesel mechanics in West Virginia must know how this affects the engine and how to diagnose it.

The role of a diesel mechanic can vary. Dependent upon the employer, a mechanic may have to keep maintenance reports on the vehicles, diagnose engine problems, perform routine maintenance and even rebuild an engine. All of this takes a lot of skill, which is why most employers look for a certification or degree from their employers.

When you are looking for positions for diesel mechanics in West Virginia, you have to understand the various environments. Working in a garage or warehouse is very common. Not all areas are air conditioned but some are. There may also be times where you will have to work in the field, traveling to the various areas of the state where a vehicle has broken down. This will require you to fix the vehicle where it is to get it back up and running.

You can find various pay grades throughout the state as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes493031.htm details the average annual salary for a diesel mechanic is right around $35,320. There are only about 1500 positions available throughout the state. To ensure you are able to find work in the state, you will need to have a significant amount of education and experience. This way it will be easier to prove your worth to one of the many employers.

You will also want to get your ASE certification in diesel mechanics. This means taking a test from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. To get the certification, you will need to pass the test and have two years of experience. To help with employment, it may be desirable to test in more than one subject to have more ASE certifications.

The diesel mechanic is a constantly evolving position. As new advances are being made to the engine, the mechanic needs to be able to understand how it works and how to repair it.

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