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If you’re looking for quality and respectable diesel mechanic schools in Pennsylvania then look no further! We’ve assembled some of the state’s best diesel technician schools and they can all be found below. This “Quaker State” is home to some of the country’s most amazing tourist attractions and scenic landscapes, and many students attending diesel mechanic school find themselves staying in Pennsylvania long after they graduate.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for 2010 was $40,850. Most diesel mechanics in Pennsylvania work for auto repair shops, but they are also hired by vehicle and parts wholesalers, trucking companies and even the local government. Those who work for truck fleet dealers and in repair shops usually also receive commission. Full time hours are normal and overtime is very common. Some repair shops are open 24 hours, so mechanics may be required to work unusual shifts.

Most diesel mechanics work primarily indoors in well-ventilated, but noisy shops. However, some may regularly go to work sites and thus have to deal with Pennsylvania's cold winters (except for the area around Lake Erie, which tends to have a warmer, more moderate climate). Diesel mechanics do have a higher than average rate of injury due to the nature of the work - moving heavy parts and scrambling around to access awkward locations, but the work is not considered hazardous as long as safety rules are followed.

Pennsylvania offers a wide selection of courses for those wanting to become diesel mechanics. Most of these are at tech colleges or community colleges that also offer other mechanic training classes. In Liverpool, PA, the Central Pennsylvania Diesel Institute specializes entirely in training people to work on and repair diesel engines.

Pennsylvania's location is such that much of the freight traffic into and out of New York City has to pass through the state, as does some traffic west out of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Because of this, there is a high demand for maintenance and repair work on heavy trucks, including their diesel engines. The state's strong industrial legacy also colors its modern economy, especially around the city of Pittsburgh.

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Location: Exton, Pennsylvania
Your automotive career can take off with the right training. Automotive Training Center in Exton, Pennsylvania, can help you gain the skills to pursue a career working on cars or trucks!
Location: Warminster, Pennsylvania
Automotive Training Center in Warminster, Pennsylvania, can offer the flexibility and convenience you need to pursue a diploma in an automotive or marine service career without putting your life on hold in the process.

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