Oregon Diesel Mechanic Schools
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If you’re looking to attend diesel mechanic school in Oregon than look no further! This state has some of the nation’s best diesel mechanic schools scattered throughout its metro areas. Whether you’d like to attend school in Salem, Portland, or even Mount Hood, you can be sure that Oregon has a school that can meet any need you have!

Diesel mechanics in Oregon are in a unique situation to benefit from being in close proximity to the I-5 interstate corridor, which serves the entire Pacific edge of the continental U.S., from north of Seattle, WA to as far south as San Diego, CA. Because of this, there is a great deal of diesel truck traffic that rolls through the region. This level of diesel traffic means that there is a constant flow of trucks that need servicing coming through the state of Oregon.

Oregon and the Pacific Northwest in general are known for incredibly wet weather for at least half the year. This means that safety features like brakes and headlights are essential for truck drivers. But not only that; simple things like fuel and air filters can be affected by the relentless humidity, as well as the internal components of diesel engines. Because of this, diesel mechanics in Oregon will find their jobs entail a different day-to-day routine than what might be found elsewhere in the nation.

There are great opportunities waiting for those ready to train to become diesel mechanics in Oregon. The education and training institutions available here will give students the skills they need to excel in this field. With interstate corridors running throughout much of the state--especially the I-5, a major north-south artery for the entire West Coast--there will always be a need for qualified diesel mechanics in this region.

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