Ohio Diesel Mechanic Schools
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Diesel engines are used to power trucks, vans, boats, trains and other vehicles throughout the world. These devices are critically important to the transportation and shipping industry in the United States. Diesel mechanics are charged with keeping them in good shape. Their work is regimented and orderly, using checklists to methodically eliminate possibilities and zero in on the problem at hand. They work for car dealerships, independent garages or for companies that handle other diesel applications like generators.

The work environment of a diesel mechanic, depending on the job in question, is usually well-ventilated. A diesel mechanic sometimes has to operate heavy equipment for some of the bigger machines like those in the construction sector. Hydraulic jacks lift up cars and trucks, exposing their underbellies to the piercing eye of a mechanical expert. Most positions are full-time with overtime sometimes necessary. Their shifts may be set, but the amount of work available within those shifts varies.

Diesel mechanics in Ohio face an expanding market over the next 10 years. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services projects an increase in new jobs from 2008 to 2018. Would-be diesel mechanics in Ohio can take advantage of median hourly wages of $18.73, which is close to the national average for diesel mechanics at $19.64, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In terms of pure education, diesel mechanics need no more than a high school diploma. Shops and other employers may want vocational training, however. Ohio offers multiple programs for this purpose. TDDS Technical Institute offers diesel mechanic training, and can be contacted below. Students receive training aides from well-known national companies like Caterpillar and Cummings.

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