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Diesel engines are a popular choice for industries that need reliability, and the power to move heavy loads. The added fuel economy and belief that diesel engines are more environmentally friendly is creating a surge in companies switching to diesel. This will mean a need for more diesel mechanics to maintain and repair the diesel engines. Diesel mechanics in North Carolina will be in demand since it is a state with a lot of trucking companies.

Breaking into the field of diesel mechanics does not require specialized education, however employers much prefer applicants with some formal training. The industry standard is the Automotive Service Excellence certification. This is only awarded to applicants who have passed the exam and have at least two years’ experience in a directly related field. An applicant without job experience may take the exam and then gain the certification after working in the industry. There are training programs available at local community colleges and vocational schools. These programs may substitute for some of the work experience necessary to earn certification

Being a diesel mechanic is not an easy job. They are often called upon to work long hours and weekends. In some cases, the mechanic may have to work at night to keep the trucks running during the day. The job has more than its share of work hazards due to the nature of the work. Mechanics are susceptible to injuring their hands and often must spend a great deal of time bent over or twisted in an uncomfortable position.

Trucking companies and automotive maintenance supply most of the jobs for this profession. Motor vehicle wholesalers and local government are also major employers of diesel mechanics. A few diesel mechanics with specialized training are able to work on locomotive and ship engines.

Overall, becoming a diesel mechanic in North Carolina is similar to the national experience. Wages and employment opportunities seem solid and consistent with national averages also. Over 6,000 diesel mechanics work in the state of North Carolina and earn a mean average wage of $39,910 per the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

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