Louisiana Diesel Mechanic Schools

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The Big Easy, Louisiana is one of the top states when it comes to demanding diesel technician and diesel mechanics to keep everything running the way it should be. Louisiana is part of the Gulf Port states and does massive amounts of shipping and transportation of raw materials. Diesel mechanics in Louisiana have their hands full nearly every day as they keep fleets of trucks and coastline ships in top shape.

Job Description

As a diesel mechanic, your main job is to work on diesel engines. Anything that has a diesel engine, such as a bus or truck, could potentially become an upcoming project for you and your co-workers. It is up to you to inspect these engines to determine if they need repair, upgrades, or modifications in order to function properly.

Diesel mechanics must follow protocol when doing a routine examination of an engine. Your employer will usually set the rules on how to proceed with an inspection, and a detailed checklist is kept on hand so nothing is overlooked. Even though diesel mechanics focus on fixing up engines, you may be asked to inspect other mechanical issues in a vehicle. Anything from doing regular maintenance like oil changes, parts lubrication, and battery recharging to solving more complex problems like wheel alignment and brake repair and installation could be a responsibility of yours. While you will usually work 40 hours a week as a diesel mechanic, overtime and night shifts are not uncommon.

Salary Info

The average diesel mechanic earns just over $40,000 per year in the US according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This can be more or less, depending on the company you work for, the area of the state you work in, and any specialized training you might have.

Education and Requirements

While most of the training is done on the job, employers prefer applicants who have formal training. A high school diploma is considered the bare minimum, but most diesel mechanics have a certificate or associate's degree from a community college. Getting a Louisiana state certification increases the chances to get hired and may result in higher pay. Exact job requirements usually depend on the employer.

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