Kentucky Diesel Mechanic Schools

Students in Kentucky who want to pursue a career in diesel mechanics can develop the skills employers look for with the right training. Our mission is to help you locate and compare schools in your area to help you move ahead in your career! Take a moment to view your options and contact programs that fit your goals.

There are about 3970 Diesel Mechanic positions in Kentucky, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS also lists the average salary in the state as $36,930. Depending on your own experience and the company that you get hired with, itís possible to earn more or less than this amount, too.

There are a variety of certifications that you can get in diesel mechanics. Whether you attend a four-year college and get a bachelorís degree in auto mechanics or you earn a technical certificate in diesel mechanics, it may help you out find a job. Many employers in Kentucky want to see that you have some sort of formal education.

Many of the diesel mechanic jobs in Kentucky are full-time, working at least 40 hours. Some companies also offer overtime opportunities, providing the possibility of making more than the average annual salary. To get these overtime hours, it may be necessary to work nights or weekends.

Most diesel mechanics will work in an auto body shop. You may be required to perform engine diagnostics, repairs or general routine maintenance checks. If you work for a fleet management company, you may also be doing a lot of basic maintenance, reporting and field work. The field work would require you to travel to wherever the diesel equipment has broken down and work in the field until it is up and running.

There are a lot of different positions available. When you work as a diesel mechanic, you will be working with grinding machines, welding equipment, lathes and much more. You may also be required to provide some of your own basic equipment as well. During an interview, itís a good idea to mention what you can bring to the position in terms of tools as well as what you have worked with in the past.

Finding the right diesel technician school for you is the first step in the right professional direction, and Top Trucking Schools is here to help you do it. Start searching for diesel trucking and mechanic schools in Kentucky today!