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While Iowa is often viewed as a farming state, in reality agriculture is a small portion of a diversified economy. The Hawkeye State is also full of services like manufacturing, biotechnology, finance and insurance services, and government industries contributing to Iowa's economy. This means there should be ample opportunities for diesel mechanics.

Diesel mechanic jobs in Iowa can vary significantly. The majority of jobs are full-time and some of them also have the option to work overtime for additional pay. The hours will range from company to company and may include nights and weekends. Most of the time the diesel mechanics will be working within an auto shop, but there are positions where you would work for a fleet company, which means the possibility of working out in the field and doing some travel.

Diesel mechanic jobs in Iowa are evolving. Many of the newer diesel engines have computer chips in them. These are responsible for controlling the flow of fuel into the engine. As a result, more diesel engines are becoming more fuel efficient.

More auto manufacturers are using these engines, which means mechanics need to be skilled with the newer components. There are trade schools around the country that offer certificates in these skills to help with gaining a position.

The average diesel mechanic in Iowa makes approximately $38,500 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This number can increase or decrease based upon skill level, amount of time on the job as well as the specific employer. By having trade school certificates or degrees, it can be easier to obtain a higher salary by proving knowledge within the industry.

Throughout Iowa, there are a variety of positions. Since the weather is very seasonal, itís something to keep in mind with fleet positions and those that are based outdoors. As the winter begins, it can be very cold to stand outside. However, the outdoor positions are often ones that pay a little higher than average.

Many companies will hire a diesel mechanic who has his or her own tools. You will need a basic tool set that includes ratchets, screwdrivers and other such. The larger tools, such as welding equipment and grinding machines will be provided for you. The more experience you have with these larger machines, however, the easier it will be to obtain a position.

Various positions are offered throughout the state. Spend some time looking at the various companies and then make applications. Ensure your resume sites all the positions youíve held as well as any certificates that you hold.

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