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As a diesel mechanic, you may find yourself working on the larger diesel engines of transport trucks and buses or some of the smaller passenger vehicles that are out on the market. The recent trend of diesel engines includes computerized chips and more electronics. In order to secure diesel mechanic jobs in Illinois, you will need to know about these engines and how they work.

Diesel engines are no longer the gas guzzlers they used to be. Many contain microprocessors that help with fuel efficiency. If you donít know about these engines, you may want to attend a technical school to get a certificate. This will help you secure the better positions throughout the state. Many industry certificates are out there, which can make it easier to stand out to an employer.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics names the Chicago metropolitan area one of the top metros in the country for diesel mechanics. Also according to this data the average annual salary is around $38,000, based on your position and your employer.

As a diesel mechanic, you may be requested to perform a number of job duties. You will have to diagnose engine malfunctions, make general repairs, perform maintenance and potentially even rebuild engines.

You want to tell your employer about all certifications you have as well as your experience with various tools. The tools provided to you in the shop are likely to include grinding and welding equipment, lathes, pneumatic wrenches and much more. In terms of screw drivers and other hand tools, you may be asked to supply your own.

Positions throughout Illinois can vary from employer to employer. Diesel mechanic jobs require you to work with your hands and work long hours. Most positions are full-time but you will need to check out the specifics for each position.

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