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Because Idaho shares a border with six different states Ė Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Montana and Wyoming Ė and the Canadian province of British Columbia, the diesel trucking industry in Idaho offers excellent opportunities for those with the right skills. As a diesel mechanic in Idaho, you can play an important role in the transportation of goods across this entire region.

Depending on your experience, your employer and the city youíre employed in, the average salary sits at about $37,000. This is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Your position may vary from employer to employer. You may be required to provide diagnostics on engines, make repairs, perform maintenance checks, follow specific guidelines and lists and even perform repairs in the field. If you are responsible for managing a fleet, your job may also require extensive travel in and around the state of Idaho.

Experience is important but so is education. Most jobs donít require industry certifications, but they are available and they can help you secure a position. This may include your ability to diagnose the newer electronic engines that contain parts that help with fuel efficiency and other performance-related tasks.

Within your position, you will likely be working with a lot of different equipment. This includes welding equipment, lathes, grinding machines, pneumatic wrenches and more. These are typically provided to you by your employer. What you probably have to supply on your own are various hand tools. If you do not have these tools, it could set you back in your ability to get employed where you want.

The temperature in Idaho is better than other areas of the country. While you may have to deal with snow and ice in the winter, you wonít have to deal with the thunderstorms at the same frequency as the eastern states. When you have a position that requires you to work outdoors, itís important to note how the weather conditions are going to affect your ability to complete your tasks.

There is an array of mechanic jobs throughout the state that you can apply for. When you enjoy working with your hands and you have some unique skills to share, an employer will pay you well. You will likely find a full-time position and potentially even the ability to work overtime for additional pay above and beyond your annual salary. Every position is different, so itís a matter of reading requirements and asking questions.

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