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The first state admitted to the union is a small, but powerful force when it comes to demands for service from the Transportation trade and the diesel mechanics that run it. Delaware relies heavily on diesel technicians and diesel mechanics to keep deliveries and international trade running smooth.

As a diesel mechanic, your position is constantly evolving. There are more electronic components in diesel engines today than there were 10 years ago, making solid training and understanding of these systems critical. When you’re looking for diesel mechanic jobs in Delaware, you may be required to know about some of the more modern engine designs.

You will likely be working on engines for buses, trucks and other large vehicles. To further your career you may even need specific industry certifications. These are not required in all areas, but some employers look for you to have them as a way of proving that you are skilled in your profession.

Throughout Delaware, there are a number of diesel mechanic positions. These include auto body shops, truck repair facilities and even roadside assistance. Due to the weather in Delaware, you may also have to work out in the cold and snow throughout the winter.

The hours of the different positions will vary based upon your employer. A full-time position is not uncommon and you may also find opportunities for overtime as well. This will give you the opportunity to make above and beyond what your typical annual salary is. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average diesel mechanic earns a salary of $44,000 in Delaware.

When you are looking for diesel mechanic jobs in Delaware, keep in mind that you may need some of your own equipment as well. Many employers will provide you with a majority of the tools you need. However, some of the smaller employers will require you to have your own. This could include pneumatic wrenches, lathes and a variety of hand tools.

Delaware’s job market for diesel mechanic jobs is staying the same. There is currently not a lot of growth in the industry, but it is on par with many of the other positions found in the state. This means that if you have the education and experience, you can typically count on finding a position that will pay you well and keep you employed.

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