Job Qualifications And Growth Outlook

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Job Growth

Job growth for diesel mechanics is expected to increase. This is due to more people using public transportation and the continual expansion of the trucking industry. This growth with result in the need for more diesel engine mechanics that will be able to maintain the engines and equipment powered by diesel. Currently there are no post high school requirements to become a diesel engine mechanics. A person is capable of perusing a career following high school with limited mechanical experience beyond auto tech classes. However, job possibilities for those who have gone through some type of formal training are higher than their counterparts who haven't.

Job Opportunities

The diesel mechanics that will see the greatest growth in their career will be those who are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) or obtaining a commercial driverís license (CDL). These employees will often earn more promotions and pay increases over their career. Those who earn ASE or have a CDL also are capable of entering the workforce at a higher level of pay than his counterparts that do not.

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