Truck Driving and Diesel Mechanic Career Guide

Truck Driver Training FAQ

Here you will find information related to the truck driving industry and what students enrolling in truck driving school can expect to encounter.

Getting Started at a Truck Driving School

Why Choose a Career in Trucking
What is a CDL License
The Basics of Earning a CDL License
Types of Truck Driving Schools
Types of CDL Licenses
Endorsements for your CDL License
CDL Requirements by State
CDL Exam Information
Average Earnings for Professional Truck Drivers
Categories and Types of Truck Drivers
Things to Consider Before Starting a Trucking Career
Pre-Hire Letters - What to Understand
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Skills Truck Drivers Need

Finding the Right Trucking School

Why go to Truck Driving School
Truck Driving School Admission Requirements
The Length and Structure of Truck Driving Schools
Paying For Truck Driving School
Truck Driving Schools by State

Learning at Trucking School

Common Terms Used in Truck Driving Careers
Truck Driving School Facilities
Learning a Pre-Trip Inspection
Learning to Back a Semi Truck
Succeeding at Trucking School

After Graduation from Trucking School

Working Conditions, Training, and Employment in Truck Driving
How to Interview for a Trucking Job
The Outlook for Trucking Jobs
Truck Driver Earnings By State
What to Ask Potential Employers
Physical Requirements for a Truck Driving Career
Job Qualifications and Growth Outlook in the Truck Driving Industry
Working as a Truck Driver
Staying Healthy on the Road
Truck Driver Earnings
Building Your Career in Truck Driving
Trucking Hours of Service Rules
The Advantages of Working for Large Trucking Companies
The Advantages of Working for Small Trucking Companies
Your First Driving Job
Your DAC Report
Working with Trucking Recruiters
Truck Driver Log Books
Obtaining your Hazmat Endorsement
Working With Dispatchers
Effective Trip Planning
How Truck Drivers Get Paid
How Truck Drivers Find Loads
Time Off for Professional Drivers
Managing Your Career
Find the Best Trucking Job For You
The Challenges of Being an Owner Operator
Correctly Maintaining a Log Book
Securing A Flatbed Load
Steps to a Successful Trucking Career
Selecting A Good Trucking Company

Diesel Mechanic Training FAQ

In this section you'll find detailed resources that will benefit both new diesel mechanic students as well as industry veterans.

Getting Started at a Diesel Mechanics School

Diesel Mechanic Salary Information
Equipment That Diesel Mechanics Work On
Skills Diesel Mechanics Need

Finding the Right Diesel Mechanics School

Diesel Mechanic Driving School Information
Diesel Mechanic Schools By State

After Graduation

Working Conditions, Training, And Employment In Diesel Mechanics
Job Qualifications And Growth Outlook In The Diesel Mechanic Industry
ASE Certification
Building Your Career In Diesel Mechanics

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